Mirnidyan Gununa is an Aboriginal Arts and Culture organisation based on Mornington Island, Queensland, Australia.

 We are an Aboriginal Corporation, fully owned and controlled by an Indigenous Board . We have an Indigenous-majority staff  who deliver a locally-relevant community programs that produce internationally-significantly artwork.

 Our Purpose

To maintain and develop the cultures of the Lardil and Kaiadilt people; strengthen our community and promote our culture to the rest of the world.

 Our Vision

Our vision is that in five years’ time, Mirndiyan Gununa will have consolidated its position as a leader in Aboriginal cultural maintenance and creative development in both dance and the visual arts – it will be the heartbeat of the Gulf of Carpentaria region.

Our Values

We value and respect:-

  • Mirndiyan Gununa as a place and organisation of culture, art and learning
  • The opportunity to learn from and support each other and share cultures to keep our knowledge strong through dance, language, art and oral tradition
  • The three language groups – Lardil, Kaiadilt and Yangkal
  • The acknowledgement of artists and dancers who have gone before us.
  • The stimulation of community input and creative external influences.
  • Community leadership and health
  • The relationships with our collaborating and strategic partners
  • An inclusive team environment.
  • Effective governance
  • Financial viability







  • Grace Barnes, Arts Centre Manager
  • Aaron Maza, Studio Coordinator
  • Teagan Weatherall, Administration
  • Timothy Weatherall, Activity Coordinator


  • Inge Cooper, Art and Painting Consultant
  • Debbie Eldemire, Ceramics Consultant
  • Sarah Isaacs, Cultural Awareness Coordinator

Board Of Directors

  • Lawrence Burke (Chairman)
  • Julianna Jacob
  • Devin Lorraine
  • Dorita Escott
  • Amanda Roughsey
  • Mandy Naranatjil
  • Lester Ben
  • Sasha Wilson

Annual Reports for Mirndiyan Gununa

The recent annual reports of the organisation can be downloaded below
Click links below to view PDF files.

2010 Annual report

2009 Annual report

2008 Annual report


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