We could not do what we do without the valuable connection of partnerships in our community. Our partnerships include:

BIMA (Brisbane Indigenous Media Association)

Brisbane Indigenous Media Association has recently had a fruitful association with Mornington Island – including the Mornington Island State School and Mirndiyan Gununa.

Several excellent projects have taken place with the association, which of course includes 98.9 FM – the first Indigenous radio station in an Australian capital city.  Tiga Bayles and his team periodically visit us, and in 2009 we started a partnership.

At the 2009 Festival, BIMA launched a video of a special project they did with the school – with Mornington Island children writing, singing and performing their own songs.  The project aimed successfully at increasing the children’s self-esteem as well as tapping into their creativity.

Mornington Island State School

Our association with Mornington Island State School is an ongoing successful one.

It is our express mission to invest in the young people of Mornington Island by providing them with access to and instruction in their culture and languages.  We place several personnel at the school specifically to do this.  Every school child from reception to Year 10 receives a weekly instruction in culture – and most particularly dance.

We also pioneer projects with the school to incorporate Lardil and Kaiadilt languages into the school curriculum.

When we are able to, we also financially support culture tours where our school children go out to perform dance in Queensland.

MI State School logo

Mornington Island PCYC

The PCYC organisation is a key community organisation on the island, providing a range of supportive programs for the community.  Our association with the organisation is also a key partnership as we remain mutually supportive in our activities as well as providing tangible support in a variety of ways.




Mornington Shire Council

Mornington Shire Council has remained extremely supportive of our mission.  In addition to enormous moral support, the Council also provides tangible support to us for the Festival as well as remaining supportive during this period of development.

The Council also supports us with allowing relevant staff members to attend dance rehearsals and to go on tours.


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