Kuba Dawun Activity Centre / MI Youth Hub

Kuba Darwin

In 2012 the Board of Mirndiyan Gununa Aboriginal Corporation underwent a business  planning workshop producing a new 3 year business plan. This saw a significant shift in the Direction that Mirndiyan would take for the next 3 years.  The Board felt strongly that something needed to be done to help the Young Adults in the community in the age group 16 to 24.

Part of the new plan was to develop the old Cultural Centre into a Young Adults Activity Centre. The name Kuba Dawun means young adults in Lardil. Mirndiyan applied to the Breaking the Cycle program for funding to do this. Mirndiyan was identified as an organization that could be funded under the program but there were a few steps to go through first.

In January Mirndiyan Gununa Aboriginal Corporation CEO Brett Evans, frustrated by the slow progress and concerned for the young people who were in need of such a centre, decided to commit a small amount of Mirndiyan Gununa Aboriginal Corporation funding to buy some pool tables, computers, a couple of flat screen TVs, xbox 360 and playstation 3 consoles, bulk games and a deadly sound system.

It started to operate late January four afternoons and two nights a week. This was done with a combination of volunteers and NAJO staff that Miorndiyan had.

The response was positive and quickly the numbers grew and the demand for more  opening time. The Activity Centre now operates Monday to Friday 1pm till 5pm and 7pm till 11pm.

It is completely run by local people and in fact the young adults who use the centre are the ones who are running it. There have been no problems and it is a credit to them that they have taken the opportunity to have a place to call their own and look after it.

Mirndiyan’s NAJO people involved  in operating the centre are Lorraine Thomas, Lawrence Burke, Shakara Toby and Rebecca Wilson.They are doing a great job and should be congratulated.


Mornington Island Youth Hub

The Youth Hub on Mornington Island Completed in April 2014. The Hub is kitted out with brand new computers, recording studio, digital cameras, internet and the soon to be ready radio station. Come down and say hello or even record a song, just like Gubadanga did for this video.

Music by – Gubadanga Band.

Part of the Breaking The Cycle Initiative in partnership with the Australian Government, Department of Families, Housing, Community services and Indigenous Affairs.


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