Shonnelle Thompson

Marnbil, Djin-Djin and Dewallewal, 2020

Triptych 3 @ 15 x 15 cm

Acrylic on canvas


"The first men and woman to come to Mornington Island were Marnbil, Djin-Djin and Dewallewal. Djin-Djin was married to Marnbil and Dewallewal is Djin-Djin's uncle. These three made the land, creating all the rivers, hills, animals, trees, wells, making fish traps. They gave each animal a sacred place, and name, and made ceremonies for them, so that they could be protected. Now Dewallewal did not have a wife of his own so he decided to steal Djin-Djin, thinking that Marnbil wouldn't know. Marnbil knew that Dewallewal had broken the law and he knew that he had stolen Djin-Djin, so he had to kill him. That was the law. Marnbil wounded Dewallewal with a spear. Dewallewal shot straight up into the sky, still with the spear stuck in his back and cursed man to die from all things. Before that, man had been immortal, but Dewallewal's curse meant that they would die."