John Williams

Rat and Squid - 2021

40.5 x 51 cm

Acrylic on canvas


"Long time ago the rat lived on Rocky Island. He was swimming over to Birri to sit down on this sand hill and a great big squid came swimming by. And the Squid looked up and said, "Rat, you look sad." The Rat said, "Yeah I want to swim over to that island, but can't because my tail is too short." So the Squid said to the Rat, "Jump on my back and I'll take you." The Rat jumped onto the Squid's back and as they were going over the Rat was laughing. The two of them got to Birri and they went up onto the sand and made fire. The Squid asked the Rat , "What was you laughing at me for?" And the Rat replied, "Your teeth was too big." The Rat got angry. The Squid picked up a spear and speared the Rat up the behind. So the Rat picked up a fire stick and hit the Squid up the behind. The Squid ran down to the beach and jumped into the water and let out black ink everywhere. That's why the Rat has a long tail and Squid lets out black ink."