Joelene Roughsey

Water Snake and Swamp Turtle - 2021

40.5 x 51 cm

Acrylic on canvas


"Long ago in the Dream Time, Water Snake and Swamp Turtle hunted around in the water hole. Water Snake would go hunting for frogs and other small prey, but he always found it difficult because he had no teeth. Swamp Turtle used to try and eat the water plants and weeds, but often found it difficult because he had big teeth. One day they met up on one of their hunting trips. Water Snake came up and said," What's wrong Maali?''. The Swamp Turtle said, "My teeth too long, every time I try eat this weed it gets stuck in my teeth''. Water Snake said, "I try and hunt for frogs but I got no teeth.They often get away because I got no teeth to hold them''. Why can't we swap heads?" They swapped heads and the Swamp Turtle was now able to eat weeds with no trouble as he had no teeth for it to get caught in it. Water Snake found hunting a lot easier as well as he was able to catch his prey. They were happy with their new heads so they decided to keep them to this day they still hunt with their swapped heads."