Coreen Reading

Balibali - Stingray - 2022

50 cm diameter

Acrylic on canvas board


"The stingray is a wonderful food source for my people; like shark, there is a special way to prepare it.  It is considered a delicacy to eat when traditionally prepared and cooked.  Interestingly although completely different cultures, including creation, language, kinship and belief systems; our Kaiadilt language often has words similar to the Lardil language.  The Lardil word for stingray is Balibal, our Kaiadilt word is Balibali. The Balibal in Lardil is also a family totem for the Jacob families, to which my family has been adopted through connections made since our arrival to the Mornington Island mission 1947-1948; so when myself and my children participate in Lardil dancing, we will respectfully paint up in the Lardil Balibal totem."