Coreen Reading

Warrunda (Goanna) - 2021

40.5 x 51 cm

Acrylic on Belgian linen

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"Our cultural identities are complex and multi-layered, including personal, kinship and courting totems; not to be confused with language names, which is also allocated based on personal and kinship systems. The warrunda is my personal birth sign. The birth sign can be depicted as an uncanny event that occurs in the presence of family members, often before the mother is aware that she is pregnant; it may include animals as well as weather events. Around Christmas time, 1977, my Mother was in Mt Isa with relatives from Mornington Island, as they sat and yarned at Lake Moondarra, a big goanna was spotted. All of the family members attempted to stone the goanna unsuccessfully. My Mother finding it amusing, decided to pick up a pebble and jokingly threw it towards the goanna. The goanna was hit by the pebble and knocked unconscious, much to everyone’s amazement. This is was the sign given to the family that my Mother would be pregnant with child."