Old Mission Buildings, 2022

61 x 120 cm

Acrylic on canvas


"The new hospital is to left of the church.

The old hospital is the directly across from the church building, I was born here in 1952, my midwife was Roberta Felton and Hazel Sewter. This building was also used as school and clothing store.

The Church was also used as a school. Today the Council uses the Church for administration.

The building next to it was a work shop where Mr Bob Quick and Grahame Toby, Arthur Paul, Peter Loogatha, Digger Addams and later on Geoffery Loogatha and Bobby Rainbow, these men helped to build modern houses and some of these were destroyed during Cyclone Ted 1976 and because of this we now live in more cyclone proof homes.

The building in the foreground was a newly erected school in the 60s, I was a little girl when my friend Agnes and I attended. Today it's the Council Chamber."