Susan Sewter

High Tide and Low Tide Diptych, 2019

2 @ 51 x 40 cm

Acrylic on Belgian linen


"The Redbill totem is a big Dreaming belonging to the women of Kunbar (Gunbar), on the southeast side of Mornington Island. The redbill or Kathaku is part of the same dance story of Kunba where shovel nose shark, redbill and lightning man had a dance contest. The Kathaku is a very good dancer and when you hear that bird call out in the evening you know that the tide is coming in and it's time to go hunting. The Kathaku is an oyster picker and hunts in the low water, when he sings out you know the tide is coming in and his hunting is finished. The Kathaku also mate for life so you always see them hunting together."