Jonathon Toby

The Rainbow Serpent And The Sister, 2013

91 x 61 cm

Acrylic on canvas

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"This fellow made a humpy, this fellow, Thuwathu, the Rainbow Serpent. And his sister, his sister Bulthuku (Shore Bird), was there. She was there. He made a humpy, and was going around hunting, with the people.  A big wind came, and overtook the people. All these people. This fellow Rainbow Serpent, his humpy was a huge humpy. His sister Bulthuku was sleeping nearby, with her child. A little child. Jindirrbu (Willy-wagtail) was its name. The rain was coming, rain in the distance, at night. Sheet lightning appeared. There was rain in the distance. A Big rain, off in the distance. At night it overtook the people. The child got cold. This person's, Bulthuku's. 'Hey, brother! Take my child. The rain has gotten here. It's started falling.'"