Susan Sewter

I was born in Cloncurry area as it was the base for the RFDs in the 50's. I am a Lardil of Mornington Island with ties to Gangalidda through my father and Waanyi through my Maternal grandmother.

I spent much of my early years around Cloncurry area as my father worked on the railways. He worked on the Cloncurry, Quamby and Kajabbi line. I later spent time with my grandmother in Burketown before going to High School in Mt Isa.

I came back to Mornington Island in the late 70's before going back to the mainland and then returned to settle down in the early 80's. Looking back it seems like a nomadic lifestyle - a few years here and there.

I received my qualifications and taught at the Mornington island state school for many years, I was the Mayor for a four year term, then turned my interest to where my heart is - Health and Culture.

Currently I work for the Mirndiyan Culture and Art Centre and spend my week ends on my country.
Susan Sewter




Susan Sewter

Bush Fire, 2019

122 x 91 cm

Acrylic on Belgian linen




Susan Sewter

High Tide and Low Tide Diptych, 2019

2 @ 51 x 40 cm

Acrylic on Belgian linen

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